Virus & Spyware Removal

Being infected with any type is worrying for your PC and personal data! – Our Virus Removal service will get you clean again!

We’re based in Romford, Essex and cover all types of infection removals such as malware, viruses & even ransomware!

MODXPC Repairs | Virus Removal


Here are some of the most common tell tale signs that your PC or Laptop may be infected with a virus, spyware, ransomware or another type. MODXPC Repairs will always ensure your data is the priority and if you’re infected with a chance that it may get worse and affect your files, we’ll safely create a backup image and then get to work on disinfecting your machine! Our local Romford technicians are on hand with advice and the know-how. Virus Removal is a must especially on how advanced they’re becoming.

Remember, even some of your anti-virus programs can fail to pick up the virus, let alone remove them!

MODXPC Repairs | Virus Removal
MODXPC Repairs | Virus Infection Removal
MODXPC Repairs | Virus Removal
If you have noticed one or more of the below, plus other symptoms then there is a strong sign your PC is infected, your data and files may be at risk including your personal and confidential files!

Programs that pop up to suggest you pay them to remove the virus

No access to your disk drives

PC Constantly crashing

Locked files

Decrease in computer performance

Slower than usual boot into your operating system

Unable to open some or all of your programs

Encrypted files with a message to pay a large amount to decrypt

Cant boot into your operating system

MODXPC Repairs | Virus Removal


Our teams of expert technicians will help you get rid of any virus or spyware on your computer and disinfect your operating system from any flaws that may be compromising it. Whether it’s online or on-site, our virus and spyware removal service covers every bit of troubleshooting & removal.

Now is the best time to get remote support and a proper virus and spyware removal service at your utmost convenience. Whether it’s a wired or a wireless network setup, computer setup and security, virus removal and/or protection – our teams excel at all kinds of virus and spyware removals.

At MODXPC Repairs, we’re dedicated and we will remove every single trace of the virus, malware or rootkit! For Virus Removal Romford, Virus Removal essex get in touch with us before the virus eats away at your data and machine!

Why Choose MODXPC Repairs?


We believe in transparency which is why you’ll always receive a fair price before any works are carried out.

Express Repair Service

Express – Same Day Repair service available. Choose this service and we will prioritize your repair to be repaired within 1 working day (if no parts are required).

Guarantee on all work

We offer a 3 months Guarantee on all works as standard, no additional cost to you. If the same issue was to occur within that time we will repair it again for free.
There is usually a 24 hour turnaround for our express service and we offer a  free collection service in the local service areas.. If you are out of the area, we offer a national courier pick up and drop off service, call us to find out more.
Our technicians work from home and are all based in Essex but we service and repair computers in many local areas including Romford, Hornchurch, Upminster, Rainham, Dagenham and Brentwood.


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