All The Different Types Of Computer Cases You Should Know About

All The Different Types Of Computer Cases You Should Know About

What’s a computer case? Is it the metal box that houses all the delicate PC components?

Exactly. And if you are thinking what does it have to do with how your computer works, there is a science behind the types of computer cases. Basically, there are 5 main types of computer cases, all of them varying in proportions, number of internal drive bays etc.

We are listing each type below.

Full Tower Computer Cases

This type is the largest one, featuring cases which are big in height, starting from 60 cm . The benefits of such cases include the number of internal drive bays which inside these cases can be between 6 and 10.

Mid Tower Computer Cases

These cases are known as the ‘in-betweeners’ when it comes to choosing a full tower or a mini tower. They are the ideal meeting point of big and small and for that, are most widely used around the world. Measuring 45 to 60 cm in height on average and containing from 2 to 4 internal and external bays, they are the most optimal configuration on the market.

Mini Tower Computer Cases

The mini tower computer case type has 2 or sometimes 3 internal drive bays as a standard, and measures 30 to 45 cm in height. Although they are portable and can fit smaller spaces, expandability is known to be their biggest problem.

Slim Line Computer Cases

These cases are simply tower cases which are turned on their sideways and can even hold a monitor on top of the case. Yes, just like a decade ago with the first computers – but slimmer and more compact.

Small Form Factor (SFF) Cases

You can design your computer case all custom and therefore minimize the spatial volume of your desktop computer. SFFs are exactly that type, and vary in sizes and shapes. They can be both the size of a shoe box and the size of a book.

In the end, the most important thing to know when shopping for computer cases is the elements of your configuration. Speaking of, the size of the motherboard is the first aspect that comes to play here. Therefore, making sure that your configuration ‘fits’ the case should be your starting point when buying PC cases.


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