How To Choose A Notebook

How To Choose A Notebook

Ever since the first notebook was introduced to the market, the traditional PCs have decreased in popularity. Which is perfectly normal -coming from the fact that  a notebook represents a more portable, convenient and next-gen device.

The notebooks took the world by storm. With tons of manufacturers, models and configurations, it has become hard for us to choose a notebook according to our needs. If these problems sound common to you, our guide to choosing a notebook will definitely help you.

Decide The Size Of Your Notebook

First and foremost thing to choose is the size of your notebook. If you don’t need a big screen or enjoy working from smaller notebooks, you can go for a 11” notebook or even a 10” tablet with add-on keyboard.

If you however need a larger screen, a 15” or 16” laptop is your best choice. Keep in mind however that this does not allow maximum portability and the fact that larger laptops weight even more. That is why most of the notebook users opt in for a 13” notebook, a size which is considered as standard in the tech world. This makes the laptop not too big and not too small and is a size suitable for those who travel or carry their notebook with them.

Resolution And Processor

When it comes to resolution, you need a notebook that goes over the standard today which is 1366 x 768 pixels. If you are a designer, need the colours on your screen to be visible or love watching movies in full HD, it’s even better if you opt out for at least a 1920 x 1080 screen resolution.

On the other hand, you need a processor that is usually double or quad core, if speed matters to you. Even if it doesn’t, notebooks with better processors have a longer lifespan. From playing games to doing simultaneous office work, the processor speed is important, and a dual-core unit with speed up to 2 GHz is known to be the standard.

RAM Memory And Graphics Card

RAM memory is another thing you should consider when choosing a notebook. For office work, the standard is 4GB (gigabytes) of RAM. However if you are playing games or rendering videos, you better go for 8GB or more.

Good graphics cards are preferable for users who play games. There are either built-in (integrated) graphics cards or separated (dedicated). Built-in are better for simple operations, and separated are a great fit for gaming.

Hard Drive And Operating System

The hard disk drive is another feature laptops have – referring to the disk space they have inside them for storing music, movies or programs. With the rise of Dropbox and other cloud services similar to it, however, hard drive is not anymore a priority. Therefore, going for a 8GB hard drive disk is the standard you can choose for normal operations.

Last but not least is the operating system. Windows and Mac OS are the main competitors here, although there is Linux as well. While Mac OS in found only in Apple notebooks, Windows is the ‘gold standard’ found in every other model.


We hope that this guide helped you choose the configuration on your laptop. In case you have any problems choosing the perfect notebook for your needs, you can contact us and we will be pleased to consult with you! For a wide range of notebooks, check out our online store: MODXPC IT – Range of Notebooks

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